S37 Terminator is a 'Generation 2.5' BattleFrame manufactured by United Continental Nations.

History Edit

The S37 Terminator is main BattleFrame currently in service under United Continental Nations' armies. It is used in standard frontline combat roles.

Some of these machines has been modified by UCN to better suit their pilots' needs. Examples include Andei's custom S37 with additional armaments and Yuliana's long range fire support variant.

Armaments Edit

  • 20mm Rifle
  • Micromissiles Pod
  • Flares

Gameplay Edit

Advantage Edit

  • 20mm Rifle have low reload time and high rate of fire.

Disadvantage Edit

  • Micromissile Pod has only 12 missile capacity and below-average reload speed.
  • No long range direct-fire weapon.
  • Sub-par booster recharge rate.

The Terminator can be considered a decent multi-role BattleFrame. Its statistics does not lend itself towards any particular niche. It generally performs well in BattleFrame combat. The 20mm Rifle have a blisteringly-fast firing rate and very quick reload speed, making it easy to constantly provides damage. Though some pilots might be disappointed by its booster which tends to be depleted in prolonged dogfight scenario, especially against later-generation BattleFrames.

Tips Edit

The Rifle on the Terminator has great rate of fire and reload speed. You rarely have to worry about retreating to reload. Stay close to the enemy and deal as much damage as you can with both your 20mm and Micromissiles.

Be careful when performing quick-boost, only using it when necessary. The weapons on S37 Terminator forces you into close combat, meaning you will often wade into enemy's firing range. Make sure the booster gauge doesn't run out when you need to evade.

Trivia Edit

  • Terminator's namesake is likely a reference to Sukhoi Su-37, a real life multi-role jet fighter aircraft.